SEO Ninja Suite SEO Review

All-in-One SEO Tools Suite for SEO Agencies

From keyword research and backlink analysis to rank tracking and reporting. Everything you need to outrank competition and generate more traffic

Discover profitable keywords for your Google Ads Campaigns and Website Content

The right keywords are the first step to any profitable Google Ads campaign or high ranking website.

Our keyword research tools make it easy to discover the least competitive, most profitable keywords in your industry.

By directly connecting with Google's API we ensure data is always up to date offering you hidden ranking opportunities and high ROI keywords for your search campaigns.

All you need to do is enter one or several relevant to your industry keywords and pick your target language and country as a starting point.

Ultimate Research returns hundreds of relevant results alongside detailed data points for each keyword.

Keyword results are filterable based on search volume, cost per click, traffic value, PPC competition and much more.

Ultimate Research even allows you to search for related domains, as well as relevant long tail keywords, in a few clicks.

Our unique revenue calculator offers a good estimate on your monthly site visitors, sales and AdSense revenue.

Let our comprehensive tool help you save hours of tedious research, offer better service to your clients and increase profitability.

Your complete SEO solution in 1 suite

40+ of the best tools to monitor and manage every aspect of your SEO campaigns.

A must-have to dominate the SERPs and grow your traffic!

Comprehensive Keyword Research. Discover thousands of keyword ideas for every niche alongside advanced metrics for each keyword. SERPed connects directly with Google, Bing and other databases to deliver accurate and always up to date recommendations.

In-Depth Backlink & Website AnalysisThorough backlink analysis and monitoring for total control over off-site optimization factors. Unveil any domains' authority and backlinks, each audited for the most crucial SEO metrics. SERPed offers a detailed profile analysis for each inbound link to your website or a competitor's.

Centralized Domain Research. Seamlessly research and purchase domains across multiple leading marketplaces in a centralized console. Discover new domains, uncover authoritative expired domains or snatch a hidden gem put up for auction, all inside SERPed. Finding the perfect URL for your new project has never been easier.

Consolidated Project Management. Whether managing a single or hundreds of websites for clients, SERPed makes project management easy and intuitive. Each project’s dashboard offers a high-level summary of important metrics with the ability to drill down for detailed and advanced information on every aspect of SEO.

Up to Date Rank Tracking Accurately track where your projects show on the leading search engines, including Google of course, but also Amazon and YouTube. Get as granular as you want, track your rankings on a country, city or even neighborhood level across mobile and other devices. Our proprietary rank tracking technology is so good our API even powers other leading SEO tools.

Social & Tracking. SERPed offers tools for managing and tracking social signals for your own or client projects across all major social media networks. Social signals are analyzed by search engines giving your websites a nice ranking boost.

Our platform is not only powered by an industry-leading suite of SEO tools, but also a thriving community of experienced professionals who help each other thrive through our built-in marketplace.

Cost-Efficient Client Acquisition. SERPed makes it easy to differentiate yourself in the crowded and competitive marketplace of SEO services. Not only it helps build stronger relationships and loyalty with your existing clients but also makes new client acquisition simpler with automated and intuitive tools. See how here...

Automated, White-Label Reporting. Focus more of your time on delivering exceptional services to your clients by automating mundane and time-consuming, but essential processes. Wow your clients with beautiful and comprehensive reports on their project’s progress. Reports can be fully customized to match your brand and to your specifications. SERPed will email the reports to your clients or yourself automatically at intervals you specify, daily, weekly or monthly.

Team Collaboration. Multi-user accounts on SERPed make team collaboration a breeze. Seamlessly communicate, create tasks and assign them to your team. Our tools for teams will help you streamline your business' internal processes and workflows for increased productivity and profitability.

Brandable Client Dashboards. The Agency add-on unlocks access to a robust suite of tools tailored to the needs of SEO agencies and large teams, for a low monthly fee. Get access to advanced features including fully customizable and white-label client dashboards, additional client acquisition tools, social monitoring and much more. Keep your clients satisfied by offering access to their project’s growth with client portals. Your clients will be able to readily see how their project is advancing in real time, at any time. Client dashboards can be fully customized with widgets to meet your specific needs.